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Waterbed Mattresses-Bladders. Soft Sided. Clipper Origins 3 year Impressions 4 year Warranty

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Clipper Plastics is Australia's oldest and most trusted waterbed mattress manufacturer Clipper waterbed Mattresses are manufactured from premium high plasticizer content virgin vinyl. Baffles are made from premium virgin polyester fibre and are both glued and sewn for durability, A full sheet of flotation foam is used to prevent sagging. All the length and width seams are positioned on the bottom of the waterbed mattress to reduce flexing and extend the waterbed mattresses life. The frame fitting corners are highly flexible.. ......... No reinforced or Stiffened corners to concentrate the areas of stress.

With Over 30 years experience I can help you choose the mattress that's right for You.

Clipper Origins ,The Original and Simply The Best Contouring Waterbed Mattress Available

full float mattress

Free Flow
This full motion mattress features a remarkable three-dimensional design to provide comfort and support.

King $ 120.00
Queen & Double $ 110.00
King Single $ 105.00
Single $ 100.00
Twin Bladders
+ $50.00
waterbed mattress bladder 2 layer waveless

2 Fibre Waveless
100 mm (4 inches) of ultra-soft polyester fibre forms an effective internal support and wave reduction system for healthy flotation
= Medium

King $ 200.00
Queen & Double $ 180.00
King Single $ 165.00
Single $ 155.00
Twin Bladders
waterbed mattress bladder 3 layer

3 Fibre Ultra-Waveless
150 mm (6 inches) of ultra-soft polyester fibre is designed for increased wave reduction yet still retains the maximum flotation comfort.
= Firm

King $ 240.00
Queen & Double $ 220.00
King Single $ 210.00
Single $ 200.00
Twin Bladders
water bed mattress bladder 4 fibre

4 Fibre Ultra+ Waveless
200 mm (8 inches) of ultra-soft polyester fibre is designed for maximum wave reduction yet still retains flotation comfort.
= Firm +

King $ 290.00
Queen & Double $ 260.00
King Single $ 230.00
Single $ 220.00
Twin Bladders
Clipper Impressions
4 Year 100% Warranty

10% Thicker Vinyl Suits the Castaway better
The Castaway's Internal Baffle System 3 Layers + The Fingers Of Foam.
cliper Soft sided waterbed Castaway Mattress bladder

The Castaway has been designed to provide an almost motion-free sleeping surface that molds around your body providing a unique level of support. All the benefits of a waterbed plus more. The internal fibre stabilizer has a Cushion-Top made up of "Fingers of Foam" to gently but firmly support you.

King $ 370.00
Queen & Double $ 320.00
King Single $ 285.00
Single $ 275.00
Twin Bladders +$160.00

The Castaway L, Showing The Heavy Duty Lumbar support Foam
clipper water bed Soft Sided CastawayL Mattress Bladder
Castaway L
L (for Lumbar Support)
The Castaway L is similar in construction to the Castaway but the concept of the Cushion-Top has been extended to include an area of thicker, denser "Fingers of Foam" in the lumbar region to provide a level of support for the lower back never experienced before.
King $ 395.00
Queen & Double $ 340.00
King Single $ 300.00
Single $ 295.00
Twin Bladders +$180.00

Custom Sizes To order , Soft Side Waterbed Mattress-Bladder Sizing Guide

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