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Blue Magic Waterbed Conditioner

Aqua Fusion Waterbed Conditioner 12 Month Treatment

Specially formulated for all types of waterbed mattresses. Waterbed Conditioner conditions water mattresses vinyl interior fiber and foam

2 year conditioner
Aqua Fusion Waterbed Conditioner 24 Month Treatment

You can do 1/2 a bottle now an the other 1/2 in a year or do 2 beds for a Year
$ 19.00 Each
2 for $32.00
3 for $44.00

$ 32.00 Each
2 For $52.00
3 For $72.00

Blue Magic Waterbed Vinyl Cleaner & protector

Blue Magic Waterbed Vinyl Cleaner & Protectant

Provides ultimate care for the mattress exterior. Cleans and lubricates the vinyl and can extend water mattress life. Effectively removes dead skin containing cosmetics and body oils which are aggressive to the vinyl.

$ 15.00 Each

Waterbed Odor Remover

Waterbed Odor Remover by Aqua Fusion

For All types of waterbeds and fibre beds

Neutralizes all odor in a waterbed from chemicals in the water
when a bed is filled or  from algae growth.

$ 25.00 each

Blue Magic Waterbed Bubble Stop Water bed Treatment

Blue Magic Waterbed Bubble Stop

Prevents Bubbles and Excessive Gassing in a Waterbed Mattress.

If You are needing to let the air out of your waterbed often. This will fix it. Shake bottle before use. Add contents of bottle into filled waterbed mattress burp all air bubbles with Blue Magic Air Extractor , Burp bed again after 4-5 days. For Maximum Performance add with Blue Magic Waterbed Conditioner. Repeat Application every 12 months or as needed

$ 28.00 Each

Blue Magic Waterbed Repair-Patch Kit

Blue Magic Waterbed Repair-Patch Kit

Precisely formulated adhesive and generous pieces of waterbed vinyl ensure quick and easy mattress repair, often without draining the mattress

See the Waterbed Tips Page, To read how I apply Patches to Repair the Water Mattress,

$ 15.00 Each

Blue Magic Waterbed Air Extractor

Blue Magic Waterbed Air Extractor

Pump Away Noisy Air Bubbles From Any Waterbed For a Comfortable Quiet Night's Sleep.
Pull the waterbed mattress valve to the extended position & Remove the Pull Cap & Seal, Screw the Air Extractor tightly onto the Mattress Valve , Raise the Air Extractor to form a peak & Pump Out the Air

$ 20.00 Each

Blue Magic Waterbed Pull Cap & Seal

Blue Magic Waterbed Pull Cap & Seal

Seals Waterbed & Air Mattress Valves For Water Tightness

Valve Seal lodges inside mattress valve to prevent water spillage, Pull-Cap seals waterbed mattress valves for water tightness. Convenient Finger Pull tabs ensure ease
of use while extending mattress valve

$ 7.00 Each

pic of Blue Magic Waterbed Perfect Union Hose Adapter

Blue Magic Waterbed Perfect Union Hose Adapter

Perfect Union is a Waterbed Mattress to Hose Coupler which virtually eliminates the possibility of water spillage during filling and draining

$ 10.00 Each

super burper

Blue Magic Waterbed Super Burper

The Super Burper fits into the water mattress valve, Its one way valve
will only allow air out of the mattress and prevents air getting back into the mattress. It also helps reduce the chance of spillage.

$ 10.00 Each

Drain and Fill Kit Blue Magic Waterbed Drain and Fill Kit With 1 Year Conditioner

The Super Pump attaches to a tap, You need a hose  to connect it to the Perfect Union which screws on to the water mattress. Open the valve at the bottom of the super pump and the mattress drains. Close it an the mattress fills. Waveless Mattresses require a fairly stiff hose to connect the two.

$ 45.00

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